Resistentially Yours


by Calla Jones





These are the objects that link us

because words no longer do

not memory either

not even email.



We need these things (list to come)

because our smart selves know

better. Our dumb parts

are smart though, leaving


things at each other's places,

some for our bodies,

but not always.    The white hat this morning

which allowed you entry


into my house and other parts

and now your watch, here

made me go back

through the emails


a catalog of slips and forgetting


five hats, seven shirts,

a dog collar,


socks . . . just one pair . . . but soft,

lots of books eleven,

four watches 

three rings . . . and a raw chicken for your dog.





resistentialism ( n. The belief that inanimate objects have a natural antipathy toward human beings, and therefore it is not people who control things, but things which increasingly control people.
resistentialist n., adj.
resistential adj.








Calla Jones (aka C.L. Jones) is the pseudonym belonging to the editor/founder of this e-zine/journal. This is her fill-in-the-blank attempt to put out her 'powams' (how her daughter once spelled it) without having to search for the right place for them and, perhaps, without having to deal with rejection. Two other powams of hers/theirs appeared in the first issue of EMAC, and one appeared in Alice's novel Trine Erotic


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