spring/summer 2006, no. 7



A Healthy Fantasy Life





The high price of standing doesn't stop at stiff knees

The first sexy hillbilly eating baked beans

A shepherd protecting cows

one millionth his size

A recipe for an instant town

She could be a place none of us know

She could be one for the road

She could be as epic as Atlantis

Starlight catastrophe on credit

burlesque in disco style

Hail Mary is a gunfight with the coffin

a fib in fast forward





"A Healthy Fantasy Life" is a Found Poem, Dada style, words cut from newspapers and magazines and quickly arranged. There is one complete phrase in the poem, "burlesque in disco style" from a New York Times headline, Sept. 18, 2005.


                        ........................................... Jason Tandon

Jason Tandon's poems are forthcoming in Bayou, Broken Bridge Review, Eclipse, Euphony, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Poet Lore, the strange fruit, and RE:AL, and have recently appeared in The Bitter Oleander, Cairn, Coe Review, Epicenter, Folio, Four Corners, and Vox, among others. He teaches First-Year Writing at the University of New Hampshire, and he is an intern poetry editor at the Paris Review.


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