spring/summer 2006, no. 7






How do bones grow in the womb? How do joint and joint
Discover each other?

You will find your way by tracing a line along the wall:
You will pass the blind

Watchmaker, you will struggle
With the invisible hand.

Books will grow in your wounds. Microscopic,
Unreadable, authoritative,

Used books. They will force apart your skin, bubble over
With intertextuality.

Your bones will harden and you will not be permitted
To peer inside them. But

Friends will come to you. So dance your counterintuitive dances!
You you, who write down everything

And respond to everyone you have earned your depth
And you deserve your depth.





                        ........................................... Ilya Bernstein

Ilya Bernstein's collection of poetry is called Attention and Man (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2003). His poetry, prose, and translations have appeared in Ars Interpres, Circumference, Fulcrum, 6x6, Persephone, Moon City Review, and Res. He is the editor of Osip Mandelstam: New Translations (UDP, 2006). He translates for a living and lives in New York City.



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