spring/summer 2006, no. 7



Annunciation XXXIII

“In the Mind’s Eye, a fractal is a way of seeing infinity” James Gleick “Chaos”









You would prefer only the part of that tree

You would you would the part only

The part you would of that tree would

Its crown its bronchioles yet it grows

It grows and bifurcates until the whole

It grows it grows it grows the whole

Until the whole until the whole develops

Develops out of its fragment

Out of out of it develops fragment the whole

Always emerges out of its fragment

 A whole a thorny crown

A thorny crown a thorny thorny 



All inward forces clash and iterate to shape a single leaf

Inward clash and iterate iterate to shape inward and inward clash

Single leaf clash and iterate clash and clash a single leaf

And yes you would you would this single leaf this fragment

And yes you would and yes this single single without

It grows and bifurcates grows and bifurcates

Grows into such thorny crown, such thorny love,

The Gethsemane




The owl is a clock

Is a clock is a clock owl

Measures your blood vessels an owl is a clock

Each nerve falls in a split capillary second

Split capillary falls split each nerve

Each nerve each nerve each nerve falls

Falls an unbitten apple it falls each nerve

Each broken heart becomes a fractal becomes

Unbitten apple unbitten falls becomes






Each broken heart becomes becomes broken coastline

Each broken each heart branches and divides

Branches and branches and divides

Not a milligram of flesh will be taken without spilling

Without spilling without spilling without

Blood without blood without blood spilling

You will not run you will not run you will not run broken heart anywhere

You are both a speck and the universe and the affine of one cell

Both speck and universe and affine cell both speck and universe of one cell

Of one of one cell the fractal dimension of this kiss

Of one cell of this kiss bigger than its surface and topology

This kiss its surface and topology both speck and speck




The line of infinite affection squeezed into limited space

Both speck and universe of one cell of infinite affection

One cell one cell infinite affection limited space

Now it spreads it spreads infinite affection attracts

The iteration of one gaze of one of one attracts

A small gaze expanding like a shade like a shade

A small gaze a small shade limited space expands

Someone catching the sunbeams

Catching the sunbeams catching the sunbeams the fatal

Sunbeams the fatal fatal illness of light

It is contagious it bifurcates it is contagious it is

Light it bifurcates it is contagious it

Enters arteries and veins and venules

Arteries and veins it bifurcates

Diluted light thinner and thinner

Diluted thinner concealed dilated with light

Thinner and thinner concealed diluted dilated

Infinite and rising and rising and rising









                        ........................................... Ewa Crusciel

Ewa Chrusciel is a poet and translator currently completing her PhD in poetry and cognitive poetics at Illinois State University. She holds an MA from the Jagiellonian University, Krakow. In 2003, Studium published her first book of poetry in Polish entitled Furkot. Her poems and translations have been published in a variety of journals and anthologies in the United States, Poland, Hungary, and Italy, such as Studium, Zeszyty Literackie, Chicago Review, Lyric, Spoon River, ClanDestino , Il Giornale,and Przekladaniec. Other poems from her new collection, A Life, have been published in XCP: Cross Cultural Poetics: Streetnotes 2006, Pebble Lake Review, and are forthcoming in Mandorla and American Letters and Commentary.



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