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spring/summer 2006, no. 7




Boggling the Mind?: A Response to Todd I. Stark’s Review of My Book

Some Science Adventures with Real Magic


by William A. Tiller



            I really liked Stark’s thoughtful and critical review of our most recent “psychoenergetic science” book Some Science Adventures with Real Magic.(1) I found it to be of significant value to me and my thought processes, however, he missed a few key points that I would like to bring to his and the reader’s attention.

            The research work discussed in this book and its immediate precursor, Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics,(2) involves both (1) the use of a type of device that acts as a transportable host for human consciousness which is labeled an IIED (intention imprinted electrical device) and is able to “condition” a large experimental space containing equipment to what appears to be a higher electromagnetic (EM) gauge symmetry state relative to our normal U(1) EM gauge symmetry state where conventional Maxwell’s equations for EM apply and (2) a procedure for taking instrument data streams from such an IIED-conditioned space and extracting a continuous quantitative measure of the excess thermodynamic free energy for the aqueous hydrogen ion, H+, beyond that for our normal U(1) state as a result of this IIED-conditioning of that macroscopic-sized space.

            These well-documented research experiments, one of which has been replicated in ten other U.S. and European laboratories, indicates that there are at least two, unique levels of physical reality that our measuring instruments can discriminate. These are (1) our normal, electric, atom/molecule level of classical particle physics that we all cognitively sense and (2) a coarse physical vacuum magnetic, information wave level of reality that may be somewhat captured in the limited formalism of today’s quantum physics involving the De Broglie particle/pilot wave concept and which most of us do not sense. The IIED-conditioned measurement instruments appear to yield, for any measured quality, QM, the relationship


QM = QD + µeff QR .                   (1)


Here, QD is the contribution from our normal, electric, atom/molecule level of reality, QR is the contribution available from the coarse physical vacuum level of reality while µeff is the effective value of the coupling coefficient  operating between these two levels of reality. In our normal, U(1) EM gauge state world, µeff is very slightly larger than zero so the second contribution in Equation 1 is negligible (down amongst the equipment noise) and requires very careful, statistical data analysis to discriminate this second term from the first. Thus, Equation 1 collapses to our normal world physics in the limit of a negligible human consciousness factor being present.

            It should be noted that Equation 1 requires that our reference frame (RF) for viewing nature be expanded beyond that of just spacetime. Thus, the subscript D in Equation 1 stands for direct-spacetime (D-space) while the subscript R stands for reciprocal-spacetime (R-space). Together they form a special member of the general 8-space. Electric particles function in D-space while magnetic information waves function in R-space. Together, with minimal µeff-coupling, they allow one to form the particle/pilot wave construct of De Broglie. This expanded RF allows one to avoid the dichotomy of having to accept wave/particle duality as a property of physical matter because today’s mathematical formalism of quantum mechanics (QM) is constrained to function in only spacetime. Human consciousness modulates the physics of R-space, not D-space.

            From an overly simplistic viewpoint, one could say that for the past ~400 years, establishment science has dealt with multiple aspects of the reaction equation


MASS          ENERGY                                                (2a)


with one convertible to the other via Einstein’s, E = mc2, equation. Our research shows that psychoenergetic science deals with the expanded reaction equation


MASS          ENERGY                CONSCIOUSNESS.   (2b)


Although the word “consciousness” here is used in a way quite different than the dictionary usage of awareness, awakeness, etc. Here, every term is considered to be convertible to another even though we do not yet know the quantitative connection to energy. Perhaps, instead of asking what consciousness means we should ask what consciousness does. When we do this we see that consciousness manipulates information in the form of at least numbers, alphabet letters, and most generally symbols. Thus, Equation 2a becomes more acceptable when we phrase it in the format


MASS            ENERGY         INFORMATION            CONSCIOUSNESS       (2c)


            For the last 50 years or so, establishment science has recognized a quantitative relationship between information in the units of “bits” and negative entropy.(3) Also, for the past ~150 years, entropy is one of the important factors in the particular thermodynamic free energy functions of pioneers, Helmholtz and Gibbs. Thus, information in Equation 2c is intimately connected to energy and also to consciousness and is a very important bridge between the two. Because one cannot define either information or consciousness as spatially distributed quantities or forces, QM, as it is presently formulated cannot deal with such qualities of nature and this is why the RF for viewing nature must be expanded beyond spacetime. In particular, our duplex RF allows both information and consciousness to be expressed in four coordinates of frequency rather than spacetime and this is appropriate for the new adventure!

            With respect to additional cracks in the existing framework of today’s science, one important one was revealed ~4 decades ago via Bell’s Theorem which indicated that science must either give up causality or the postulate that nothing can travel faster than the velocity of EM light in vacuum, c. The subsequent experiments of Alain Aspect proved that some type of information transfer between “connected” particles travels much faster than c. Also, a simple connection between QM and relativity theory for the De Broglie particle/pilot wave concept shows that vp vw = c2 is required, where the subscripts p and w refer to particle and wave, respectively. Thus, since vp < c, always, via relativity theory, vw > c always for the information wave components making up the De Broglie pilot wave. Additional and serious cracks in the foundation of today’s paradigm are (1) long range information entanglement, (2) distant healing, (3) remote viewing, (4) homeopathy and (5) dark energy and dark matter to name just a few. None of these can be explained by the prevailing paradigm.

            In terms of what new types of things do equations 1 and 2c plus this duplex, reciprocal subspaces formalism predict, Items (1) to (5) above are, in principle, quantitatively handleable.

            We need to be very clear that our psychoenergetics science research results does not tell us that the foundations of our science are all wrong any more than Newton was proven wrong after Einstein’s work on relativity appeared. All it tells us is that today’s establishment science is limited to the first term in Equation 1 and that there is much more to nature than just that first term! Consciousness does not appear to interact much with the first term but strongly interacts with the second term.

            When µeff in Equation 1 begins to increase beyond a negligible value, the coupling between this magnetic information wave stuff and electrons, nucleons and quarks will increase and, although this magnetic information wave stuff cannot be directly seen by present day instruments, its alteration of electron and nucleon movement loci will become detectable when µeff increases sufficiently. This is part of the reality behind what today’s establishment science calls dark energy and dark matter effects.

            The new mathematical formalism implicit in our duplex RF with reciprocal, 4-dimensional subspaces has been shown(1) to reveal a type of unity relationship wherein QD QReq ®1 so that, as the chemical concentration of a particular species is decreased towards zero in D-space, its equilibrium counterpart in R-space increases towards infinity. Thus, Equation 1 yields

QM ® µeff QReq. This is exactly the kind of natural behavior needed to account for homeopathic medicine where the repeated succession process is thought to increase µeff.

            As a final point to make in this response message, in either IIED-conditioned spaces or human intention-conditioned spaces, one experimentally observes a large “experimenter effect” because everything is strongly connected (interacting) in such conditioned spaces. This can be thought of as a human biofield effect on physical reality (analogous to an electric or magnetic field effect on the thermodynamic potentials of atoms and molecules in D-space). Thus, we must expect nature to respond differently to (1) a zero biofield bias, (2) a positive biofield bias or (3) a negative biofield bias. Such a bias must be treated as an extensive thermodynamic variable in any experiment. Because of this, the present possibility of doing double blind experiments will disappear as µeff increases. Likewise, what we currently call a placebo in an experiment will, via information entanglement between it and the treatment in a medical experiment, lead to negligible differentiation between it and the treatment as µeff increases.





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