summer/fall 2007 no. 9

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As many of you know, Entelechy has been a  labor of love for the past four years, as well as a huge money-loser. Please consider giving a small donation for this current issue...and so that Entelechy can and might continue. 


And speaking of support, I've had a lot from family, friends, and colleagues  even Entelechy readers. I feel such gratitude to all of them in such different ways for many different reasons. So very special thanks to the following people who have been essential to this journal which started off as someone once remarked  so humbly; it was just my two poems (with my C.L. Jones pseudonym) and a story by Jim Brody. I remember even back then, with just these two poems and one story, people were so supportive and encouraging:

Jim Andrews, Sophie Andrews, David Appelbaum, Bill Bakaitis, Simon Baron-Cohen, Art Bennett, Howard Bloom, Jim Brody, Charlie Brover, Kay Brover, Joe Carroll, Victoria Coleman, Birgit Darby, Denise Deagan, Dylan Evans, Glenn Geher, Insu Fenkl, Frank Forman, Carl Frankel, Rebecca Goldstein, Tim Horvath, Liz Insogna, Megan James-Lopez, John A. Johnson, Robert Kelly, Jim Kohl, Dan Kruger, Alan Lloyd, Eric Meyer, Jeff Miller, Geoffrey Miller, Zach Norwood, Craig Palmer, Chris Porpora, Marnia Robinson, Yvette Schnoeker-Shorb, Joe Shohan, Rosemarie Sokol, David Smith, Todd Stark, Jason Stern, James Warner, David Sloan Wilson, and many others.


And thanks to every contributor to EMAC; I feel blessed to have had your work in the journal and to have gotten to know some of you.

Katherine Abbott
Nancy E. Aiken
Emil Alzamora
Sophie Andrews
David Appelbaum
Bill Bakaitis
Lise Carlson Bass
Anya Bellow
William Benzon

Ilya Bernstein

Celia Bland
Howard Bloom

Natalie Bronstein
James Brody
Joseph Carroll
Chris Cassidy
Jennifer Cazenave
Ewa Chrusciel
Monica d. Church
Kathryn Coe
Simon Baron-Cohen
Tim Cole

Frank Craig
Greg Darms
Deborah Denicola
Courtney Druz
Wyatt Ehrenfels

Julie Evanoff
Dylan Evans

D.A. Feinfeld
Heinz Insu Fenkl

Maryanne Fisher
Adrian Flange
Miriam Fried
Herbert Gintis
Glenn Geher
Amy Gilliland
Julie O'Leary Green

Bjorn Grinde
Ira Joel Haber
Nancy W. Hall

Kate Hamilton
Keith S. Harris

Tania Hershman
Bradley Earle Hoge
Tim Horvath
Paul Hostovsky
Elizabeth Insogna
John A. Johnson
Megan J.Z.

Calla Jones
Robert Kelly
Laura Kipnis
James V. Kohl
Daniel J. Kruger
Eric D. Lehman
S. Leland-St. John

Jason Letts
 Phillip Levine
Alan T. Lloyd
Tanya Marcuse
Alden Marin

Deborah Marsden
Chris Metze
Jalina Mhyana
David Michelson

Jeff Miller
Stephen Mounkhall
Julienne Mullette
Rich Murphy

John A. Musacchio
Jenny Nelson
Zachary P. Norwood
Craig Palmer
Jill Parisi
David Pearce
Irene Pérez
Ronald Pies
Megan Pinch
Gretchen Primack
Marnia Robinson
Jason Ronstadt
Jennifer Ryan
Natalie Safir
Ellen Salle
ay Santini
Yvette A.

Rupert Sheldrake
Joseph Shohan
Irwin Silverman
Rosemarie Sokol
David Livingstone Smith
Iva Spitzer
Todd I. Stark
H.D. Steklis
Sarah Strout
Jason Stern

Lynn Strongin
Michelle Scalise Sugiyama
Paula Superti

Jason Tandon
William A. Tiller
David Tucker
George Wallace
George Williamson
Jannie Wolff
John Wymore
Pauline Uchmanowicz
G. Krishna Vemulapalli
Lindsey Vona
Sergio Vucci
James Warner
Brian Wilkins
Gary Wilson
Bill Yake


entelechually yours,


alice andrews   publisher/editor       entelechy: mind & culture              
may, 23, 2007


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